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Lagadinos George - Car Repair Kato Patissia Athens - Auto Parts - Exhaust Card

LAGADINOS Auto Workshop

LAGKADINOS GEORGIOS car service, located in Kato Patisia, offers complete and high-level car repair services. With many years of experience (we have been operating since 1973)...



Electronic Check, Brake diagnostics, ABS, A / C, AIR BAGS, ESP, Silencers, Alignments, Service air condition...


Car Maintenance

Our well-trained and qualified personnel, undertakes immediate and cost-effective maintenance and repair in every car brand.

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LAGKADINOS car service is based in Kato Patisia and has all the necessary mechanical and electronic equipment for the correct diagnosis of your car, which in combination with the many years of experience of our staff offer security and guarantee for you and your car.
With many years experience (we have been active since 1973), we are able to successfully undertake the repair of any of our assigned cars.
Also our well-trained and specialized personnel, undertakes directly and financially maintenance in every car brand.